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We pride ourselves in offering the best financing programs in the equipment finance industry.

Great credit or in need of some help, you’ll get the most competitive financing terms we can offer.

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No Money Down Option

You have the option to finance up to 100% of the cost of the equipment including some incidental charges. That means you can start putting the equipment to work today.

$250K Application Only

We can put your good credit to use with a fast, application-only finance of up to $250,000 for qualifying customers. Need more? No problem, we only require a bit more of your financials.

Customized Programs

You’ve been creative in building your businesses based on years of expertise and success. We can do the same with your financing and customize a program to fit your specific needs.

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Business Purposes: By completing and submitting this online credit application, you understand that not all applicants will be approved and that rates are subject to change without notice. By completing and submitting this online credit application, the undersigned represents that all information provided with this Application is true and correct and hereby authorizes Dick Clark Associates, Inc. to obtain from third parties information Lessor deems necessary to arrive at a decision regarding this Application. Applicant certifies to Dick Clark Associates, Inc. that it is applying for credit for business purposes, and not for personal, family use. Credit Information Release: The undersigned individual(s), as principal(s) of and/or guarantor(s) for the applicant, recognizing that his or her individual credit history may be a factor in the evaluation of the credit of the applicant, hereby consents to and authorizes the above named business credit provider and any assignee, lender or funding service that may be utilized to obtain and use a consumer credit report on the undersigned, now and from time to time, as may be needed in the credit evaluation and review process. I (we) specifically consent that this information may be transmitted via the internet and waive any right or claim I (we) would otherwise have under Fair Credit Reporting Act in the absence of this continuing consent. Fax, electronic submission, or copy of this authorization valid as original.

The Benefits of Financing with DCA

Discover how you can get the equipment you need, preserve liquidity, lower taxes and experience rapid growth in your future


Get the right equipment

You won’t have to settle for less than what you really need to grow. A finance or lease option may allow you to acquire more effective equipment and technology that you couldn’t afford to buy outright.

Protect your cash flow

In every economic climate, cash is king. Keep your working capital ready and available for operations, pay salaries, purchase materials and take advantage of new business opportunities.

Potential savings with tax write offs

You may be able to write off up to 100% of all expenses related to your equipment finance or lease. Consult a legal or tax professional to see if you qualify.

Target larger clients and bigger orders

If you don’t have the production capacity to fulfill your orders you can’t grow. Get the equipment you need now to serve the bigger clients that you really want to go after.

How Much Will It Cost?

30 years of experience means, when you're ready, a specialist at DCA can get you what you need to grow.

  • No money down options.
  • Manageable monthly payments.
  • Work with experts that customize programs for your unique circumstances.
  • Fast turnarounds

Estimated payments based on typical credit ratings. Not all applicants will be approved. Rates are subject to change without notice. Some applicants may qualify at a higher rate.

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